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Maschuk Asman

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Maschuk Asman, 2007

Karakhmed Asman

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Karakhmed Asman, 2008

Gulya Asman

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Gulya Asman, 2013

WE BREED Akhal-Tekes, a rare one.

The Akhal-Teke, also called the Turkoman horse is both the ancestor of the Arab and the English Thoroughbred, though this fact is not very well known within the horse world. From ancient times of Ghengis Khan to the present day, the Akhal-Teke has always been highly appreciated. He was the fastest horse one could find and he can cope with the worst living conditions, reason why he was also very cherished as a war horse. The Chinese even did wars for the “bloodsweating horse” as he was called in those days. Read more...

Akhal-Tekes, performance horses

As long as there won't be worldwide known riders such as Jack Begaud for endurance, Bettina Hoy for eventing, Ludger Beerbaum for showjumping or Anky van Grunsven for dressage, just to name them as examples, but just competitors as you and me their performance, as respectable as it can be, will mostly remain in the dark, unknown by the wide horse people public out there. Read more...

Asman Teke is looking for sponsors

We would like to see more Akhal-Tekes on international endurance competitions (CEI). Currently, Asman Teke has 5 horses in training in endurance. So if all goes well, there will be several horses ready sometime the next year.

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Norway: Shideyli started his endurance season

22 Feb 2014
Norway: Shideyli, gelding, 2006 (Smele Leylek-Guldesse) started his endurance season

BREEDING SHOW: Ettelbruck, Luxembourg

07 Jul 2013
Yunnan Gush 2007 (Mirage –Smele Leylek) became reserve Champion

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ENDURANCE: Bullange - Belgium

20 Jul 2014

ENDURANCE: Yves Gomezée - Belgium

06 Jul 2014
Michèle Van Kasteren should have been a judge for the competition.

ENDURANCE: Schweich - Luxembourg

29 Jun 2014
Smele Kush Asman ridden by Charline Liskow came third in Schweich at the 60 km race with an average speed of 14,17 km. Only 48 seconds separate Melkush from the winner. A super performance as we had to face heavy rain and not the easiest terrain.

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