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« I  am not an expert on ATs, but these are just my views.

Is Aschir a better horse than Arab (ie sire line founder in the Akhal-teke breed) ? Well in performance terms, he certainly hasn’t achieved a world high jump record, and will never be 8 times national show jumping champion, and the possibility of him taking part in a race from Askabad to Moscow is extremely remote, so, in those terms, no, he probably isn’t as good a horse as Arab, but that could also be said of just about any horse of any breed in comparison. Does he have the potential to achieve? – yes, he certainly does. In terms of conformation, I think he is more refined than Arab, whether this makes him a better horse will be a matter of debate.

Aschir is not of the greyhound type.

In performance he has not achieved his potential, YET, but he has only just started and is handicapped by having me riding him, however he is improving. BUT he is the most fantastic ambassador for the breed; he looks a million dollars ($1m couldn’t buy this horse) and always behaves impeccably,

Thanks to the great start he had from Michèle,who always produces her horses beautifully.

Wherever we go, either to an event, or even just out hacking, people come to ask about him, and he has been seen by some of the top people in eventing (he has even been ridden by a triple Olympic gold medalist). So, I think I can say that he is doing his bit to promote the breed in a positive way whether he ever covers himself in eventing glory, or not. More importantly perhaps, the horse is happy and healthy and the most gentle, polite person you could wish for, and I feel privileged to be allowed in to his life. »

Jacqueline Bradbury, UK, owner of Aschir, Sary Gul & Sypaijy, (Ajdhara Tekes), September 2004


"I had a flashback today.... to April 2012 when I visited Asman Teke stud in Germany. Michele and I were trotting through a field on a magnificent pair of Akhal Teke stallions and it dawned on me that this was what heaven must be like. I asked him politely and Syr Darya broke into this unbelievably smooth canter and Michele looked back and laughed at the astonished/euphoric look on my face! On a later ride, as Syr and I cantered along faster and faster in complete bliss, a second amazing moment hit me when Myr (who was 21 at the time) didn't break stride but extended his already impressive trot right out to match Syr's near gallop... He was simply floating along beside us as if it were no effort at all.... They were 2 of the defining moments that promised my heart and soul to Akhal Teke horses forever and I will always cherish those awe inspiring memories "
Jessica Meares, owner of Pirli Asman (Khan Tekes Australia), September 2013


Norway: Shideyli started his endurance season

22 Feb 2014
Norway: Shideyli, gelding, 2006 (Smele Leylek-Guldesse) started his endurance season

BREEDING SHOW: Ettelbruck, Luxembourg

07 Jul 2013
Yunnan Gush 2007 (Mirage –Smele Leylek) became reserve Champion

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Good season start for Asman Teke stud

04 Apr 2015
SHEYTANLI ASMAN AT won his first competition of the year on the 04/04/2015 in Illertissen, Germany: the CEIJY 1* (90 km) with a speed of 18,5 km/h with Charline Liskow.

ENDURANCE: Rouvroy - Belgium

14 Sep 2014

ENDURANCE: Tessenderlo - Belgium

24 Aug 2014

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